8 Excellent European start-ups are currently participating in the BRIDGEHEAD Programme

AD Scientiam
AD Scientiam is a Digital Health startup, that develops real-world mobile solutions to monitor chronic diseases, It was created in 2013 and incubated in a leading Research Hospital in France. It has a Multidisciplinary team (Medical, Clinical, Stats, UX, Business…) with strong experience in healthcare and pharma, numerous research and technical partnerships and an award winning IT platform.
Cognuse offers software solutions for critical disease management and rehabilitation.  Their solutions are targeted both for the clinical staff and patients. Core values reinforcing their innovative products include integrity, demonstration of constant care, and productivity. They strive to design highly integrative digital tools to help guide clients through the recovery process from start to finish.
Eodyne is specialized in real-time interactive systems and technologies for virtual and augmented reality, ambient and wearable sensors, robotics, machine perception, cognitive processes, and user experience. Eodyne’s flagship product is the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS), a science-based neuro-rehabilitation solution for the integrated treatment of deficits resulting from brain damage. RGS has been validated in a large number of clinical studies and is used daily in a number of hospitals for the treatment of stroke patients.
GenetX will reveal what you don't know about you analyzing genetic variations from your DNA. They make it easy to share and discuss the results with the customers nutritionist or healthcare provider so that together they can create personalized meal plans that fit their genes, as well as adequate prevention plans.
Lux AI
Lux AI mission is to develop hardware, software and applications for interactive robotic systems, commonly inspired by societal and industrial challenges. Their vision is a society in which social robots are seamlessly integrated and in which artificially intelligent systems provide functionality for the benefit of people and society.
MedicSen is a startup founded by young Spanish people with the aim of launching a treatment that will change forever the way of dealing with diabetes. Medicsen is also leading the transformation movement towards personalized non-invasive diabetes treatment & management. They are also developing a Smart-patch for the intake of insulin without needles, which will take information from the App to customize the treatment automatically according to the needs of the patient, and they already have the first viable prototype. The team develops its activity in different spaces, which they share with other national and international startups, achieving great efficiency in a collaborative work environment. At the same time, they are present in several entrepreneurship forums such as the Mobile World Congress or the national e-health congress, in which they try to establish collaboration frameworks with pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to boost development.
Mode Sensors AS
Mode Sensors AS (Mode) is a digital healthcare company redefining the way hydration is clinically diagnosed by combining the wearable sensor technology with cloud-based data analytics and machine-learning. They are building technology enabling the next generation of healthcare services.
Rehfeld Medical
A spin-out from research at the computer science department at the University of Copenhagen. Now, there are an interdisciplinary R&D company based in Copenhagen producing a data-driven software platform for treatment of heart patients with implanted devices. They apply user-centered design with active involvement of clinicians, health professionals, patients and relatives and their platform is used daily at the Heart Centre at Rigshospitalet.